Rates & Fees

Loans Savings Certificates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: January 1, 2017
*Note: Fees also apply to Shared Service Center transactions.
Auto Check Historywith loanFREE
without loan $ 10.00
Bill Pay Check Copyper 100$ 20.00
Change of Account Fee (First Change Free)$ 5.00
Check Cashing with less than $100.00 daily balance in the Share Account or another credit union service$ 5.00
Close Account within 90 days of opening$ 15.00
*Coin MachineAbove $500.00 or Non-Members8.9% of Total Amount
*Collection CostsVaries per item
Credit Disability Insurance (Loan)Actual Cost
Credit Life Insurance (Loan)Actual Cost
Debit or Credit Card Pin Number Replacement Fee$ 7.00
Debit or Credit Card Replacement Fee$ 7.00
Deposited Items Returned (Any Account)$ 15.00
Deposited Items or Loan Payment check returned on another account under member control$ 25.00
Dormant Account Feemonthly$ 5.00
Excessive share withdrawals (4 allowed per month/other than share draft) $ 1.50
History of Account Print Out (any account) (over 55 free)$ 2.00
Home Banking FeeNo Charge
IRA Service FeeNo Charge
Levy and Garnishment$ 25.00
Loan Late Charges20% of Interest Due
Loyal American Insurance ProgramActual Cost
*Money Orders $ 1.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Share Drafts (returned unpaid)$ 25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds ACH Items (returned unpaid)$ 25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Share Drafts (transfer from Share Account)$ 15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds ACH Items (transfer from Share Account)$ 15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Share Drafts (paid by Courtesy Pay)$ 25.00
Non-Sufficient Funds ACH Items (paid by Courtesy Pay)$ 25.00
Notary Public Service (member service)No Charge
Notary Public Service (non-member service)cash only $ 10.00
*Official Checks (2 allowed per day)per item$ 2.00
Official Checks for non-members (guaranteed funds of nsf)$ 5.00
Research/Balancing Account per Hour$ 10.00
Returned Statement Charge (bad address)$ 5.00
Returned Mail (miscellaneous)$ 5.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental (annual)3 x 5$ 25.00
5 x 5$ 35.00
3 x 10$ 40.00
5 x 10$ 45.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key$ 75.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilled (no key)$175.00
Share Draft Photocopy$ 2.00
Share Draft Photocopy (monthly statement items)per item$ 0.30
Share Draft OrdersActual Cost
- 1st time share draft order, VIP/over age of 55 or full time studentFREE for Basic Drafts
Share Draft Reinstatement$ 25.00
Statement Copiesper page$ 2.00
Stop Payment of Share Draft$ 25.00
Stop Payment of ACH Draft$ 25.00
Stop Payment of Official Checks$ 35.00
Verification of Deposit$ 10.00
VISA Credit Card Late Charge$ 20.00
VISA Credit Card Return Check Fee (payments)$ 18.00
*VISA Gift Cards$ 3.00
Wire Transfers (sending or receiving)Domestic$ 12.00