Share Accounts (Savings Accounts)

A $25.00 minimum balance in a share account provides membership; privileges of which include voting rights.

  • monthly dividend payouts

Share Draft Accounts (Checking Accounts)

  • no minimum balance
  • no monthly fee
  • overdraft protection availability
  • VISA Debit Cards free
  • VIP (55 and up) member privileges
    • free basic checks (a.k.a. basic share drafts)
    • fax and copy machine services
    • free account statements
  • Student services
    • free basic checks (a.k.a. basic share drafts) for full-time college students

Club Accounts

Offer a convenient way to save money for specific purposes: vacations, holidays, loan payments, etc.

  • $5.00 minimum balance
  • monthly dividend payout

Piggy Bank Club Account

A share account (savings account) created for children 12 and under.

  • Piggy Bank Club Rewards Card
  • birthday postcards (redeemable for a prize)
  • Youth month participation

Piggy Bank Club Newsletter

Young Adult Account

A share draft account (checking account) created for young adults age 13 – 19.

  • VISA Debit Card

Young Adult Newsletter

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)

Both certificates of deposit and IRA share accounts (Roth and Traditional) are available. Deposits are accepted up to the maximum allowed by law each year.

Share Certificate

With a minimum $1000.00 balance, these high-yielding accounts provide dividends compounded quarterly. A variety of terms are available to meet your needs.